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Contact Info

Laura is a Multidisciplinary Designer based in San Francisco and earned
her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from The Academy of Art
in 2011. With over 7 years of design experience, she offers a passion for building holistic campaigns by creating innovative visual solutions for clients.

Driven by her love of creating things, Laura strives to learn new skills to
be implemented into her process, concepts, and designs. From silk
screening, making Ube (purple yam) cookies, or mastering a new Adobe
program - the challenges never seem to phase her.

If she's not learning new skills she's out finding new adventures with her
dog Astro, hiking and exploring trails with friends, and even looking for
a thrill like skydiving!

She is currently at Sephora as a Senior Graphic Design who leads 360 campaigns and designs templates and guidelines for Digital Marketing.

In addition, she collaborates with the creative team and cross functional stakeholders in order to brainstorm and create successful designs for Print and Visual Merchandising.

Awards & Recognition

2012 - Award of Package Design - GDUSA Magazine

2012 - Design Featured - Choi's Package Vol.5, CMYK Magazine Vol.5

2011 - Design Featured At - Packaging of the World, The Dieline, How Live Conference

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